News and Highlights

This page primarily features former M.S. students in the lab. Great to acknowledge their ongoing accomplishments!

Julia Stuart begins new post-doc!

Julia (M.S. from Villanova 2016; Ph.D. from Northern Arizona University in 2021) has moved to Michigan Tech University as a post-doc with Evan Kane and Eric Lilliskov working on mesocosm experiments on the effects of altered plant species and hydrology on CH4 and CO2 production. Carry on, Julia!

Jeremy Hartsock begins new job!

Jeremy (M.S. from Villanova 2013; Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University in 2020) is starting a new position as an Associate Researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Superior working with Nicholas Danz on monitoring on the American side of Lake Superior and parts of Lake Michigan. Congratulations, Jeremy! 

Brian Benscoter to USDOE

Brian (M.S. from Villanova 2002 and Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University Southern Illinois in 2007; Department of Biological Sciences, Florida Atlantic University since 2010 where currently is an Associate Professor) joined the Environmental System Science as an IPA/rotator in June 2020 (read the announcement). Congratulations, Brian!

Bin Xu’s passion for boreal peatland restoration

Bin (M.S. from Villanova 2004; Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University Southern Illinois in 2011; currently NSERC Industrial Research Chair, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) has been working on restoration of boreal peatlands impacted by oil sands development in Alberta. Here is a pretty cool video of Bin – it’s not new but it is pretty fun to watch!